Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adieu 2010

A WHOLE one year has now gone by,

Walk it didn't, but oh my, did it fly!

Started with a swish n a swoosh,

Ending now on a note of whoosh!

Albeit 'tis neither the 'A' nor the 'O',

That made this year all but steal the show,

And leave its indelible print on my time,

By changing my direction n' my corps' clime.

Le point de mire was the meddling middle,

That raised a mighty finger n' my thumbs did twiddle.

As they had nothing else to do but await

Their turn to burn the keyboard as per their trait.

A perfect half of a slice of one year,

Spent retrospecting... in the first gear!

No rues furrow my brow nonetheless,

The lessons learnt far outweigh the mess... :)

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