Wednesday, February 13, 2013


A weekday and a late night movie? Of course the two go together, specially when the movie is ABCD, a fresh film oozing with energy and enthusiasm that fills you with energy as well! Not convinced? Well, it is well past midnight and here I am online, not willing to sleep till I write about the lovely movie! :D This is not going to be just a review, but a +ve -ve muddled up raving review! LOL
  • Yes, Prabhu Deva is a far better dancer than an actor. But his honesty for dance shines through and through in ABCD (Any Body Can Dance) - a film made straight from the heart! :)
  • Ganesh Acharya pulls off a good performance, considering he's primarily a choreographer!
  • Kay Kay Menon is believable as always!
  • If you've followed the seasons of the dance show: Dance India Dance, then you'll surely love this 'star'-studded film.
  • And if not, then you'll simply love it for the passionate performances and breathtaking dance sequences!
  • Each character is etched out clearly, each one having his 15 minutes of fame - Dharmesh sir (can surely act and pretty convincingly at that!!!), Salman (bundle of sophistication and agility), Punit (best use of his droopy eyed look for portraying a dopey dancer!), ... the list goes on and on!
I'll keep it short and sweet. :)

This is a movie based on dance, so don't go expecting acting extravaganza. Go with the right expectations and you'll surely enjoy it! :) And don't get up from your seat till the last credit rolls off or you'll miss a lovely lively performance by the dance biggies! :)

And yes, not every body might be able to dance... but ABC-WTM... Any Body Can Watch The Movie!!!

Yenjoy! :)

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