Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chuck that remote!

How many of us believe in physical labour to keep fit? No, I'm not talking about going to the gym and sweating it out... at home, at work ... in our day-to-day activities we avoid bending, walking etc... and try to make life as luxurious and comfortable as possible. Just think of the various devices designed keeping this need in mind! Of course it doesn't pay in the long run... uff... am preaching again! ;) ... but I was reminded of it a few months ago, when I saw a young girl, barely in her teens, trying to pick up something from the floor by sitting on a chair and bending sideways... I asked her to go down on all fours and get it, coz that was the easiest way... but she simply refused!

The other extreme was while watching that fascinating documentary by Michael Wood - The Story of India - ... in one of the parts (It's an amazing 6 part series, am going to watch the 4th and 5th part tomorrow, yipppeeeee! :D ) there is a short focus on traditional ships / boats... and the people rowing it looked extremely fit... so do the labourers toiling away daily. I think the fashion world should choose its models from these... people, who don't need to starve themselves to look waifer thin and in doing so end up looking unhealthy with bones jutting out!!! ;)

Am also not advocating physical labour of this manner for everyone... but maybe it would do us a world of good, if we simply let go of some of the so-called luxuries... How about starting with the TV-remote? ;) ... Imagine getting up everytime you don't like the program on a certain channel? ;) Think of how it'll change our behaviour pattern by making us more patient, trying to pay attention to one thing for a longer period of time! ;) LOL

But then remotes have become an integral part of our day-to-day life now... we are a couch potato generation... with various remotes on our bedside... for AC, for stereo, for lights, for TV, what else... hmmm, the personal robot? ;)

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