Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Midnight mumblings... :D

Hmmm, have been on my feet since morning, have a loooooooooong list of to-do things, have to get up earrrrrrrrrrrrrrrly again tomorrow... so what am I doing here? LOL ... hmmm, trying to jot down a few things that have occupied the prime space in my little mind! ;)

Ok, no preambles, no Einleitung... straight to the point:
Every day we talk A LOT... well, most of us do... (and this is not about only women, men talk as much, if not more! ;D It's just that their vocab is limited at times! LOL ) about other people that is... ;) ... and it's not always about paying compliments to people... What if there were devices everywhere (It is very much possible now!) to overhear your every conversation (as in Big brother and Big boss or numerous other reality shows...) and report it to THE people, whose names you mentioned?!!! ;) Well... in simple words, what if the person about whom you were airing some ahem... thoughts, got to know them exactly as you expressed them? We are definitely not always very diplomatic about how we feel! Such a report will most probably lead to a lot of heated tempers, misunderstandings galore (or clearing of misunderstandings! LOL) and changed behaviour patterns! Am glad that this doesn't happen too often! And even if one does come across such thoughts, are they worth brooding over? Just like that story with the donkey and the man (see PETA, am nice to animals, have written donkey before man! ;) LOL), where the guy wasn't able to please ALL the people ALL the time... I don't think we can either... So the best course of action remains concentrating on all the positives around... and not letting the BIG grin on your face falter... :D ... ok, am mumbling, coz am vellllllllllly sleepy now...

This should be sufficient to confuse people for at least a week! LOL

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