Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sick Post

Imagine you come back home on a Monday, with a burning forehead ... and land in bed for two weeks recuperating from a fever that refuses to go! Well, I used to think that this would be an ideal situation, one would get to rest so much... but after sleeping through the day burning with fever or spending the day like a zombie, not really aware of goings-on around me... I've come to the conclusion that it's not so nice to rest like this! :D

Ahem, the whole monolog above means that one should really take care of one's body... if you don't take enough rest, the body will take it one way or the other! It is also amazing to see how many of us (i.e. I, me, myself!!!) don't do simple things that could make us healthier... I've avoided drinking fluids just because I've been too busy with work... (hang on, juice break happening right now! ;) )

... It is so easy to take care of oneself... LOL isn't it? And yet, so difficult... But being ill puts a lot of things in perspective... :D ... So am glad for this break, really am! :) Back to ze outer world on Monday... where another disease is creating havoc! People were wondering whether I also had swine flu... hmmm, sadly one big symptom was conspicuous by its absence... :D LOL ... Uzzerwise, I'd have been featuring in 24x7 News channels by now!!! LOL

News Channels remind me of, who else, journalists... and I have to admit that I totally detest the kind of journalism happening in today's world... there used to be some ethics, some morals earlier, now all that one is bothered about is the eye-catching headline... Human life was never very precious, despite all claims to the contrary by all and sundry... and now it's been reduced to a peep show of the worst kind... and the journalists are the modern day pests, the leeches, the parasites that survive on the mess left behind by human follies... (If there's no mess to be found, they're fully capable of creating it as well! LOL) ... Suddenly, everyone wants to know everything about everyone else! My God, how aware we have become socially... awesome! Our penchant for juicy bites is surpassed only by our own ever lowering dubious moral standards. Life is only for now, so everyone's interested in living it to the hilt... who cares about tomorrow or the coming generations?!!! And who was that stupid fool, who was planting mango trees in a tale, so that future generations may enjoy the sweet fruit of his labour?!!

Stop... think... why are you here? There must've been some unfinished task that you came back for, right? So, what was it? And have you finished it yet...? I am trying to find mine, I must admit... there are things that no one else could've done, I know... but there are things that could've been done better...

... no time to rest, no time for illnesses... there are promises to keep... and miles to go before I ... can finally put my documents together to file my tax returns! LOL

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