Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sky is the Limit, till the Earth gives way!

Suddenly I've realised why I like my city so much... or to be precise, the place where I live. It is mainly because of the huge expanse of open space in front, which is so uncommon in metros nowadays... one looks out the window and draws a deep breath... :) coz there's nature right outside the doorstep... makes me wonder:


For me these are suffocating reminders of how much weight we are putting on our mother earth, without being aware of how much she can endure! What if one day the earth's crust crumbles? Hypothetical situation? May be, may be not! Do you know how much weight is safe for your locality, or the land on which your abode stands? According to scientific estimates the earth's crust is like the film of cream (?... Uff, what is 'malai' called in English?!!!) that sets on boiled milk if you let it stand for a few minutes... That is the thickness of the continental crust... the thickness of the oceanic crust is far less than this... am not going to go into scientific details now! ;) One can always google it! LOL ... hmmm, but the main point is that most of us are living on a surface we know nothing about... And yet, we keep on adding storeys to our already tall buildings... trying to outdo nature... building skyscrapers... trying to break each other's record of the tallest building in the city, in the country, in the world... in the process putting undue and unbearable pressure - not only on the landmass, but also on the natural resources of the region... how many people can one particular area sustain? What is the limit? Well, we'll surely know soon, coz the consequences of human idiocity and greed are surfacing one by one... drastically lowering groundwater levels, polluted air, less trees i.e. less fresh air to breathe... we are like the young Kalidas, who was cutting the very branch on which he was sitting! He was saved because of the inspiration of his learned wife and went on to become the greatest Hindi poet... who's our Vidyottama and where is she?!!!

Twist in the tale: As usual I've veered away from the topic... but the new question: Kalidas says: "... as every good householder should include his wife's opinion in every decision'' ... Is that part of the Indian men's psyche? ;)

Hmm, enough blabbering for now... :D It's finally good night time! :)

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