Friday, October 2, 2009

Do NOT keep in touch!!!

Once upon a time, long, long ago, there used to be letters and postcards and an occasional telephone call. One would chat to one's heart's content... or maybe not, coz the calls used to be a bit expensive... And the letters used to take some time to be delivered...and to get answered...and for that answer to reach back to the sender. Period. One had time to get on with life, to live, to experience, to enjoy... without having to report about what one was doing.

Then came the mobile phone and the internet. Now one was 'trackable' and reachable almost everywhere. But the mails were not always answered immediately, so one still had some breathing space...

Now there's Orkut and Facebook and Twitter and what not... You breathe and the whole WORLD gets to know ... each and every person on your list gets an instant update about whatever you care to post on your account... Even people, so called friends of friends can peep into your heart and your life... Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeks!

It is, of course, nice to be in touch and good to know what your friends are upto... but this is really taking matters too far! There's a beautiful German word called 'Privatsphäre'... and unfortunately it's disappearing... Next step: Reading minds!!!

Hmmm, how about adopting the slogan written on trucks? :D Instead of 'Keep in touch' one says: 'Keep (some) distance'!!! LOL

Distance anyway makes the heart grow fonder! ;)))

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