Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thank you Doctor!!!

In India there's a festival everyday, but this is a new one for me...Doctor's day?!!! Oh and we are supposed to thank our doctor today for ... Well, let me not dilly dally and start. Allow me to thank the doctors on behalf of not just myself, but others as well...

THANK YOU DOCTOR, for prescribing us medicines we didn't need, so that you could get your cut and that vacation!

THANK YOU DOCTOR, for taking advantage of our neurotic feelings of being ill and inducing an that you could cure it!

THANK YOU DOCTOR, for lying to us about the severity of our that you could justify the expensive operation you conducted on us!

THANK YOU DOCTOR, for getting all those tests done that we didn't need, to make sure the employment rates don't sink! Think of all the jobs of lab technicians...and we have the doctors as social workers!

THANK YOU DOCTOR, for prescribing us medicines for an illness we didn't have, because you were too tired to conduct a thorough examination or weren't capable enough to diagnose correctly!

THANK YOU DOCTOR, for not consulting another doctor and for treating us based on your limited knowledge of your field, even though there were symptoms that you didn't understand! After all, the human body is compartmentalised, one specialist does his/her part and that's it. How is he/she concerned with other problems that he/she doesn't understand?!!

THANK YOU DOCTOR, for turning the noble medical profession into a business like every other...

THANK YOU DOCTOR, for making us lose faith in you!


P.S.: By the way, when do we celebrate the shopkeeper's day, the stockbroker's day, the engineer's day, etc.? After all, these people are also putting in hard work to run their businesses!!!

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