Saturday, December 5, 2009

Infinite Lunatics Out Here! ;)

This has been brewing for long, so it might be a tad strong! :)
(la la la... I might as well sing the rhyming phrases! ;) )

I'd like to ask a question... to no one in particular, but to all in general. What is your contribution in being born where you were born. I mean, is it to your credit or discredit that you were born in a particular country, state, city, area, family, creed, caste, colour?!!! I'm sure, I can't say something like: "Oh, you know, I made sure I was born in this family this time". (Maybe there are higher beings who can decide these things, but alas, most of us can't brag about being those 'Higher Beings'!)

Well, if you can't control where you were born, how can it be something for you to be proud of? ...since it's not YOUR achievement! Amazing that we brag about things we don't even have had a say in! LOL Weird are the ways of the world! We take ourselves at face value and feel proud about things that are accidental. At the most we can perhaps feel blessed to be what we are in terms of the accident of birth. But to be proud and vain about it is to be as stupid as one can be... And to fight and kill only for this reason? I can't think of any adjectives for this level of stupidity!!! What if the messiah of jehads had been born a Christian? Oh well...he still wd've been a terrorist... terrorists don't belong to any religion anyway!

And I'm feeling strongly about it, coz in the recent past dumb comments regarding a particular state have been made. Does one care so much where you're from in this era of globalisation? Every thing, every minute thing in our lives today is, at times, a contribution of a whole lot of people, communities, countries... How can one then simply isolate oneself as a community and indulge in blatant self-promotion... at the cost of others? And how can people tolerate such blatant attempts at breaking our nation? These guys belong behind bars, maybe doing community service, so that they may, just may, one day understand that they actually happen to be part of the HUMAN community. The wonderful Newspapers and Media (that we are blessed with nowadays) are serving a GREAT purpose by printing and advertising every dumb word these so-called leaders say! Gone are the days when the media used to exercise restraint, in order to maintain a certain level of peace... Nowadays every sneeze is sensationalised, peace be damned! What use is news if it isn't BREAKING NEWS?!!! Hmmm, being a democracy has its downside as well... ;) But I still wouldn't want to trade it for anything else... LOL

All this simply makes my belief stronger that we humans are the worst parasites ever to have infected the planet EARTH!!! We'll make supercalifragilisticexpialidociously sure that the planet and none of us survive! Lovely! Signing off on this optimistic note... ;)

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