Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fight to the Finish!

Darkness pounced,
fangs shining,
ready for a prey.

Down I crouched,
short of whining,
thoughts astray.

Where is the candle,
the matchbox,
the light?

Anything, anyone,
who can
help me fight!

Help is not at hand,
said a voice,
it is within.

Look up, not down,
a must, not choice,
though the line's thin.

Face the demons,
what is fear?
Let it go.

A song in heart,
on lips a prayer,
yes, pronto.

Where are you,
dear shadows,
let me see

The blessed light
the cursed dark
belong to me.

Darkness slowed down,
fully stopped

Cleaned its glasses,
then flopped

Down to its knees once
then got up
wore a scowl

Grew angrier
stomped around
and cried 'foul'

Fair, I screamed
head up
and arms out

Am not afraid
you give up
and get out!