Thursday, August 30, 2012

Right or Wrong?

I don't agree...

Read a random message saying something like: "The worst thing I regret doing is not doing the wrong things, but doing right things for wrong people!"

A wrong done can never compare to a right deed, even if done for someone, who doesn't pay you back in kind. And no, it's not the attitude of a masochist. I believe that people who do social service or who do a good deed without expecting anything in return, are the most intelligent people in the world! Because peace of mind is the best thing that can be earned... don't believe? Make someone smile... and feel the warmth spreading in your heart... :) This secret can't be deciphered or decoded only by reading and shaking or nodding your head. This needs to be done practically to be believed. :)

All the best for your good deed!

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