Friday, August 31, 2012

Step back... :)

I belong to a family that loves a bit too much, at times expects a bit too much and gets hurt a bit too much... reminds me of all the fights and making-ups with cousins during summer vacations, unresolved conflicts and numerous other similar stories! :) It does, however, bring a smile to my lips... because actually none of this matters! And we waste precious time getting upset and showing our 'being upset'! A good thing would be to take 2 or 5 steps back, look at the whole thing objectively... I mean really objectively, till you stop feeling hurt and then review the whole situation as an outsider. What advice would you give to yourself, had you come as a third person to seek an honest opinion? It's surprising how sane we sound when giving advice, but when it happens to you, something hits the fan! LOL

Step back, step back... take a deep breath, smile and start picking up the pieces... and get used to this, coz this might happen time and again and giving up is not an option! See, sane advice as an outsider! Wonder if I can practice this as well! ;)

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